Birth/First seen group:Young Ones

Last group:Whiskers

Birth/First seen:December 11,1996

Death/Last seen:September 20,1999

KMP code:VYF007


Brambles was born on December 11,1996. Her mother was Morgause(VAF005) and her father was Keros(VDM055). Brambles was born with one litter mate sister named Holly(VYF008). Brambles stayed in Young Ones for about two years before being evicted in 1998 with her litter mate Holly and two other females Piglet(VYF011) and VYF010. The 4 evicted females met up with two Lazuli males Argon(VLM002) and Delpheus(VLM003) reinforced by a wild male Beetle(VWM001) and founded the Whiskers group in August 1998. Brambles took female dominance and Argon became the dominant male. Brambles gave birth to her first litter in Whiskers on August 17,1998 when she gave birth to three females Rafiki(VWF002),Risca(VWF004) and Mufassa(VWF005) and one male VWM003. VWM003 disappeared on August 31,1998 or was predated. Then in September Holly took dominance over Brambles. On November 28,1998 Piglet gives birth to a litter of 4 pups. Then on February 1999 Holly gives birth but Brambles kills her litter. Brambles gave birth but her litter was also killed, by Piglet who gave birth three days later. Holly gives birth on July 14,1999 to 4 pups. In September Holly evicts Brambles,Piglet and Brambles 3 daughters Rafiki and mUfassa. All females but Risca dispersed. Her daughter Risca became dominant female in Whiskers and Gattaca groups.


1st litter arrived on August 17,1998 when Brambles gave birth to Rafiki,VWM003,Risca and Mufassa.

2nd litter arrived in February 1999 which was killed.


Risca Whiskers

Young Ones Meerkat Group

Holly Young Ones