Birth/First seen group:Whiskers

Last group:Whiskers

Birth/first seen:March 15,2000

Death/last seen:January 25,2007

KMP code:VWF026


Flower was born on March 15,2000. She was born in a group named Whiskers. Her mother was Holly and her father was a Rascals male called Kine. Flower was born with three litter mates two brothers named Thumper and Hazel and one sister named Petal. Flower was actually the smallest pup in her litter. Her mother Holly was the dominant female of the group and had been for two years. The resident dominant male named Argon was not her father but the breeding male in the group.
Flower Whiskers(VWF026) 2

Flower, the dominant female of Whiskers for 5 years

By the time Flower was born the group consisted of 18 members icluding her mother Holly, her older sisters Vialli,Zola,Wahine and Aramis, her cousins Risca,Artemis,Aphrodite,Lancelot,Jean Luc her older brothers Dennis Wise,Tama,Rangi,Orgali,Porthos and Athos ,Argon 's brother Delpheus and wild male named Beetle. Once the Flower and her litter mates began to forage with the group, her sister Petal was taken by a bird of prey on April 7 2000. Flower and her two brothers Thumper and Hazel were the remaining members of Holly's 4th litter. Then in September of 2000 her mother Holly was pregnant with another litter and began to evict females. Flower was only about seven months old. Holly evicted her oldest cousin Risca who was pregnant and cousins Artemis and her litter mate Aphridite who were also pregnant. After evicting Risca and the two other females, Holly gave birth on September 8 2000 to Smithers,Montogomery and Mr Burns. Flower and her two brothers were then no longer the youngest members of the group. After her litter was born her mother Holly was predated on September 19,2000. It was the last time Flower saw her mother.

After Holly died, life returned back to its normal cycle in the group. Risca had returned to the group just before Holly's death and was the oldest female by several months. Flower was only 8 months or so old so she could not compete for her mother's position.Risca established her dominance and became the new dominant female. She allowed Artemis and Aphrodite to rejoin the group. Aphrodite was no longer pregnant like Risca but Artemis was still pregnant and gave birth to a single pup which was predated later on.. Argon and Delpheus both left the group within October of 2000. Beetle the wild male established himself as dominant male.Within November the group encountered another group called Young Ones and had conflict with them, resulting in Flower's niece Ugly Pup being savaged in the fight but survived. Soon most of the females including Risca,Vialli,Wahine,Artemis,Aramis,Aphrodite and Zola were pregnant. Flower was the only female in the group not pregnant and was still a juvenile. Risca gave birth but her litter was killed by Aphrodite on December 18,2000. Then on December 24 2000 Flower's older sister Zola gave birth but her litter was killed by Artemis. Flower's older sister Vialli gave birth on December 26,2000 but her litter was killed by Artemis. Then on January 1 of 2001 Aramis,Aphrodite and Wahine gave birth but again their litters were killed by Artemis. Artemis was the last pregnant female and gave birth to her litter on January 19,2000 to Rydapuni,Mi Julie and Dangerous Dave. In 2001 Flower is a year old. Her cousin Risca who was still the dominant female evicted Artemis and Aphrodite from the group on May 24 of 2001. Artemis and Aphrodite were not able to rejoin the group and dispersed. Flower's two brothers Hazel and Thumper were also a year old and began to rove with the other males. Then on June 26,2001 her brothers Hazel and Thumper left in a large coalition with Beetle,Rangi,Orgali,Dennis Wise and Lancelot to rove. A day after on June 27 2001 a large coalition of eight Vivian males named Basil,Izit,Zaphod,Yossarian,Govinda,Phooey,Alexander and Genghis joined the group. The Vivian males were accepted into the Whiskers group still led by Risca. Then a few days after three more Vivian males named Zazu,Attila(Aexander's litter mate) and Patis joined the group, bringing the total number of immigrants to ten.
Flower Whiskers(VWF026) 3

Flower the Queen of the Kalahari

Soon after immigrating, the males fought for dominance. Izit took male dominance over his bothers along side Risca who mated with several of them. Risca gave birth to another litter on August 14 2001 but her pups died before emerging from the burrow. Flower by then is over a year old. The Whiskers roving coalition returned to the group but was chased away by the Vivian males. Thumper and Hazel were among them but they were chased off by the Vivian males. The coalition met up with some of the evicted females from the Whiskers group and among these were Flower's older sisters Zola and Aramis with cousins Aphrodite and Artmis. The new splinter group was called Hobgoblin which died out soon after. Izit lost dominance and Zazu took over but was deposed soon after. After a splinter group occured the two groups reunited but Risca lost dominance. Flower's older half sister Vialli took over dominance away from Risca. Vialli became the new dominant female and Zaphod became the new dominant male. A couple of the Vivian males emmigrated. Vialli evicted Risca along with Wahine and the two females dispersed. With most of the other females gone Flower was closest to Vialli in terms of size and age and both became pregnant. Flower was pregnant for the very firrst time and gave birth to her first litter on November 19,2001 but Vialli killed her pups and evicted Flower two days after on 21 November 2001. Vialli gave birth to her litter of seven pups then disppeared and Flower returned to the group. Her niece Ugly Pup gave birth but her died on December 6,2001. Flower was then two years old and established her dominance over the younger females. Flower became the dominant female on February 7,2002.

Flower was two years old and dominant female for the first time in her life. Zaphod, the dominant male, became her partner. Shortly after assuming dominance Flower was pregnant again and so was Mi Julie,Ugly Pup and Smithers. Flower gave birth on February 26,2002 but her litter was killed. Smithers,Mi Julie both lost their litters. Ugly Pup gave birth on March 22,2002 to three pups. All three did not survive. Two were probably predated and another was killed during a group encounter with Lazuli group on April 23,2002. Flower became pregnant on June 9,2002 and evicted Smithers,Mi Julie,Rydapuni and Ugly Pup. The 4 evicted females dispersed. Flower finally gave birth to her first surviving litter on August 18,2002 to four pups two females Badiel and Skinner and one male Stato. Her litter of three survived. Flower gave birth to her second litter on November 8,2002 to Einstein,Mozart,Shakespeare and Freud. Both her two litters were fathered by Zaphod who was still the doiminant male. Flower mated with a rover from a group named Gattaca called Mr Wendell. Flower niece Itchy(Vialli's daughter) gave birth to a litter on January 22,2003 but her litter was killed by Flower who was pregnant again. She gave birth to her third litter on January 24,2003 to two males Cookie and Pookie and one female Sookie. After a dominance battle, Zaphod lost dominance to his brother Yossarian who became Flower's new partner and dominant male. Flower's daughter Sookie was predated on March 6,2001 and her son Freud from her second litter disappeared on March 18,2003. Flower's niece Scratchy(Vialli's daughter) gave birth but her litter was abandoned. Flower's son Cookie sadly died on March 21,2003. Her niece Thelma gave birth but her pups are abandoned. Flower later on evicted all of Vialli's daughters and the subordinate females in the group were her daughters. Flower aborted her next litter on September 12,2003 but was pregnant again on October 16,2003. Flower gave gave birth to her fourth litter on December 6,2003 to Kinkaju,Rocket Dog,Ragga Muffin and Super Furry Animal. Her litter of 4 survived.

Her daughter Mozart aborted her first litter on December 21,2003. Her daughter Badiel gave birth to her first litter on March 9,2004 to four pups and then gave birth to another litter of three pups on October 10 2004. Her daughter Mozart had her first litter which survived on September 28,2004. Flower did not evict her daughters and gave birth to her fifth litter on February 22,2004 to Monkulus,Armanita Ditch,Pozzo,Lucky and Zarathustra. Her litter of 5 pups survived, apart from her daughter Lucky who June 7,2004. Flower and her daughter Mozart both aborted litters on May 12,2004. On September 6,2004 Flower gave birth to her sixth litter of two males Logan, and Mitch and two females named Hawkeye and Cruise. Flower then evicted Badiel then Mozart. Mozart rejoined the group while Badiel only managed to join the splinter group led by Super Furry Animal but was evicted again by Flower when the two groups reunited and disappeared. Flower's sons Pookie and Stato left the group with 3 other males on January 23,2006. Flower gave birth to her sevnth litter on December 6,2004 to Petra,Ningaloo,Machu Pichu and Popkat. Popkat disappeared. Her daughter Super Furry Animal gives birth on January 28,2005 but her pups are abandoned. Flower gives birth to her eighth litter on February 22,2005 to three female pups Kim,Flo and Finn. Her son Shakespeare Whiskers disappeared on March 11,2005. Flower gave birth to her ninth litter on August 26,2005 to Billy,Miles,Ella and Baker. Flower evicted her grand daughter De La Soul(Badiel's daughter) on November 4,2005 along with Mozart. Flower then gave birth to her tenth litter of five pups on November 11,2005 to Bananas,Butch Cassidy,Alonzo Mourning,Sundance and Oronoco. The evicted females return to the group but later on Super Furry Animal disappeared. Armanita Ditch became subordinate to her younger half sister Cruise. Flower gave birth to her eleventh litter on January 29,2006 to one male Panthro and two females Cheetara and Wiley Kat. Flower aborted her next litter on April 7,2006 and gave birth to her twelfth litter on September 2,2006 to Suggs,Izzy and Busta and her last litter was her thirteenth litter born on September 20,2006 of two male pups VWM112 and VWM113. Flower evicted her daughters Mozart,Kinkaju and Armanita Ditch and they founded another group.
Flower Whiskers(VWF026) 4

Matriarch Flower, while foraging

Whiskers group split and while Flower led one half of her group, the other splinter group was led by her nearly four year old daughter Rocket Dog. The two groups remained apart for some time. Young Ones group encouneted Whiskers and Young Ones pup called Axel joined Rocket Dog's splinter group. Finally the two groups reunited on and Flower took dominance with no contest by her daughter Rocket Dog. By next year in 2007 Flower has been the dominant female for five years. She was bitten by a cape cobra snake and the venom caused her head to swell up and Flower sadly died on January 25,2007. Her daughter Rocket Dog became dominant female after her and now another of Flower's daughters Ella leads Whiskers group. Flower died after her regn for 5 years and has proved to be one of the most sucessfull dominants in the Kalahari. Flower is the grand daughter of Morgause Avatar.thumb|300px|right|Tribute to Flowerthumb|300px|right|Tribute to Flower Whiskers