Jubulani was born on January 2,1996 in the Young Ones. Her mother was most likely Igraine Avatar. Jubulani stayed in Young Ones group for about a year before in 1997 was evicted from the group by Morgause with Igraine and with two other Young Ones females VYF003 and VYF004. The 4 evicted females stayed together and dispersed but reappeared with wild males and founded a new group named Hobo. The group was short lived before it was no longer followed. The females disappeared but then reappeared again with a Phantom/Elveera male named Ectorius and founded the Frisky. Ectorius took male dominance while Igraine(the oldest of the 4 founding females)took the position of dominant female over the other 3 females. After VYF004 gave birth in December 1997 Igraine killed her litter. Igraine had previously given birth to 4 pups o October 24,1997. Igraine held dominance until on September 23,1998 when she lost dominance. Jubulani took dominance and after a short while Igraine,VYF003 and VYF004 founded Jabberwocky group.