Birth/First seen group:Drie Doring

Last group:Drie Doring

Birth/First seen:September 3,2006

Death/Last seen:N/A still alive

KMP code:VDF115


Mist was born on September 3,2006 in the Drie Doring group. Her mother was Makonkie.
Mist Drie Doring(VDF115) 2


Mist was born with two litter mate brothers named Loki and Thor. Mist and her two brothers survived to adulthood. Her mother Makonkie(dominant female by then) gives birtn again in February of 2007 to Damain. Then in April the dominant male Osprey disappeares and may have been Mist's father. Within the same month Osprey disappeared Mist older cousin Finn MacCool takes the position of dominant male along side her mother Makonkie. On December 20,2007 Makonkie gives birth to 4 pups(Tekla,Buddah,Nikita and Trinity). By next year in January three members(Clarabella,Mollybloom and Pirpicchio) disappeared. Makonkie gives birth on March 7,2008 to Falco and P Chan. One encounter with the Frisky group during April which live south of Drie Doring. In September Makonkie gives birth to a litter and Mist gives birth to her first litter of two females Commander Keen and Spaceman Spiff and one male Captain Planet. Mist brother Thor took male dominance away from FinnMacCool and became the dominant male. Her mother Makonkie died in October 2008 and Mist took dominant female. The dominant pair for the first couple of months were Mist and her brother Thor until Thor disappeared in November 2009 and Finn MacCool took back dominant male position. On December 30,2008 Mist gave birth to her second litter to The Dread Pirate Roberts,Buttercup and Fezzik. Mist gave birth to her third litter on March 25,2009 to Utopia,Boetie,Sebeto and Uranus. On November 29,2009 Mist gave birth to 3 females Selina,Madleina and Sereina and one male Ursli. Then on February 20,2010 Mist gave birth to 4 pups.


1st litter arrived on September 18,2008 when Mist gave birth to Commander Keen,Spaceman Spiff and Captain Planet

2nd litter arrived on December 30,2008 when Mist gave birth to Buttercup,Fezzik and The Dread Pirate Roberts.

3rd litter arrived on March 25,2009 when Mist gave birth to Utopia,Sebeto,Boetie and Uranus.

4th litter arrived on November 29,2009 when Mist gave birth to Seriena,Selina,Ursli and Madleina.

5th litter arrived on February 20,2010 when Mist gave birth to VDP143,VDP144,VDP145 and VDP146.


Drie Doring Meerkat Group