Birth/First seen group:Young Ones

Last group:Frisky

Birth/First seen:November 1,1997

Death/Last seen:February 18,2005

KMP code:VYM019
Pippin Young Ones(VYM019)

Pippin roving


Pippin was born on November 1,1997. He was born in a group called Young Ones. His mother was Morgause. Pippin was born with 3 sisters coded VYF020,VYF021 and VYF022. His father was Arah from Drie Doring group. His sisters would later on found Umbongo group. Pippin left Young Ones to go roving and became one of the most active rovers in the project. Pippin and his two younger brothers Moppet and Dorf joined another group named Vivian where he became dominant male for a very brief period of time. On September 28,2002 Pippin and his younger brothers Dorf and Moppet joined Frisky group as rovers. They had previuously been in Vivian group before joining Frisky. Pippin takes the dominant male position in Frisky beside Jubulani the dominant female. Pippin held dominance for only 3 months until on November November 27,2002 his younger brother Dorf overthrew him and took male dominance. Then in September 2003 Frisky was so large that 11 males including Dorf and 16 females dispersed. Pippin took male dominance again. He showed signs of Tuberculosis on February 17,2005, he left the group to go roving and later on returned from his roving expedition with two TB lumps. The next day Pippin disappeared. He was one of the top rovers.

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