Birth/First seen group:Phantom

Last Group:Elveera

Birth/First seen:1994

Death/Last seen:April 19,2001

KMP code:VEF002


Tenuvial was first seen in 1994 in a semi-habituated group named Phantom. She was seen as dominant female but she disappeared with the dominant male and then in 1995 reappeared with the Phantom ex dominant male Ectorius and founded a new group called Elveera. Tenuvial took female dominance and became the dominant female, heading Elveera. Ectorius soon left and joined a group called Frisky where he became short term dominant male. Then a Vivian male named Silks joined the group with a Drie Doring males who immigrated into Elveera the same time as him or after him. Silks became the dominant male at Tenuvial's side. Tenuvial's first litter arrived on March 16,1998 when she gave birth to a litter of pups. One pup was an Elveera male named Miles. Her second litter that same year arrived on September 15,1998 when she gave birth to Bettik,Raul and VEF021. On February 20,1999 Tenuvial gave birth to three pups named Dibble,Cuthbert and Grub. On August 2,1999 Tenuvial gave birth to a litter of pups and one pup being Dante who would soon become the dominant male of Elveera. Then on January 5,2000 Tenuvial gave birth to Bandit,Joey,Mimi and Sparkey. Tenuvial next litter arrived on August 21,2000 when she gave birth to Calico,Cambric,Damask and Taffeta. Tenuvial's last known litter was on January 8,2001 when she gave birth to Magenta,Pinkie,Scarlet and Violet. Of all her children two were most successful, her daughter Bettik founded the Zappa group in November 2001 and her son Dante became dominant male of the Elveera group after Silks who died on October 31,2003. Tenuvial died on April 19,2001 and her sister Eleusine took dominance after her.


Phantom Meerkat Group

Elveera Meerkat Group