Birth/First seen group:Young Ones

Last group:Young Ones

Birth/First seen:September 15,2002

Death/Last seen:August 17,2004

KMP code:VYF095


Veda was born on September 15,2002. She was born at Young Ones with her with her 2 litter mates named Ivory and Shakti. Her mother was Morgause the dominant female of Young Ones group. Veda's father was Sprite a male from the Elveera group who joined Young Ones. Two months after Veda was born her mother Morgause gives birth to another litter in November to 4 pups named Ndebele,KhoiKhoi,Venda and Mia Moya. Her older sister Mary Ellen was last seen probably evicted before Morgause gave birth within November. Morgause gave birth in March to Glufs,Tufs and Hammel. Veda's younger brother Glufs would later on join a group called Zappa and become dominant. Her older brother Darwin died in JUne. IN December of 2003 her mother Morgause gave birth to her last litter before she died/last seen. Veda took over as dominant female. Veda gave birth to her first litter as dominant female on March 19,2004 to 5 pups named Habusu,Lisani,Ahadi and Ousik. Her son Habusu became Elveera dominant male. Veda mated with a Vivian rover named Zaphod and gave birth to her second litter on July 8,2004 to two males named Teabag and Biltong and two female pups named Phalanges Paah and Tequila. Her sons Habusu,Teabag and Biltong joined Elveera were Teabag and Habusu became dominant males. Her daughters Phalanges Paah and Tequila founded PQ group and her daughter Tequila joined a group called Balrog before her disapearence. Veda died on August 17,2004 after being dominant for barely a year.

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